Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

Child's game!!

'What comes to your mind first, when you think of me' he asked.

And I said, 'resident evil!!!'

Lol :-) The person who questioned me was my brother. Ofcourse, he dint ask me in a gentle or sweet way like it may have sounded to you.

Actually, we were arguing as usual for TV remote. All I wanted to see was "Lizzy Mcguire" and gosh, these cricket matches. Don’t stare at me. Come on, it's reasonable for one person like me per locality to hate cricket. In the heated argument he said, "enna pathi enna nenacha ne? mudhala, adha sollu" (what do you think of me, first, tell me) .. To any person in normal sense, other than my brother (who was blurting angrily) it would look funny...It did amuse me but in a different way as my mind was jumbling words in the question to 'What comes to your mind first, when you think of me' to which when I gave that answer. He not only grabbed the remote from me but also stamped hard on my toe :-(

For few minutes I have been applying that question to many things and here are my thoughts:

What are the first five things that come to your mind, when you think of

Bajji / Sundal
My salty sticky-face
Manvasanai (smell of wet sand)
croaking frogs
Hot samosa
warm bed/blanket
Dairy Milk
Andhra Mess
Chicken Biryani
Double Cheese Pizza

best friend
Fun & Laughter
Is it Friday?
Empty official mail box (am talkin about the client id)
Overflowing officially unofficial mail box with forwards and chain mails
Wash room, comb, compact, lip care
New Beach
Chennai-ites slang
Summer / Heat
Kathipara signal

kabaleeshwarar temple

Doesn’t it tune you to write too, about what all comes to your mind when you think of your favourite places, food, friends? Let's take it further. If you are interested, get yourself tagged and write what are the 5 things that come to your mind when you think of ----

Some simple thoughts and pleasures may make smiling for an entire day. After all, happiness is what we all seek for.

Let go…

Here you go. I have got another post to write to, under the same topic. I have a friend with whom friendly relationship doesn’t work out a bit; confusing? Well…How much ever we try to fix, mend, stitch or stretch our relationship, it doesn’t work out and I can't satisfy myself with one particular reason.

This reminds me of mathi's post (
A bird in hand). My situation is something like hers.

Whatever be it, when something doesn’t work out even after you struggle hard to make it work out, you can only give it away.

But how easy is it to let it free or give it away? I wouldn’t have been writing about it if it was easier. :-(

Let go…

Talk of Protests; you will see lots of heads turning towards you, with indications, advices, recommendations and warnings... But when you actually protest, all you hear is a big snort and lohhh, you are left alone. You console yourself with a oh-you-scared-little-witches and walk ahead with a determination to express your dissent. Somehow with all your effort and few considerate individuals' help, your voice is heard and you get what you had asked for. You feel happy about your deed as you are sure that it benefits not only you but a whole lot. Ofcourse it would have left some unhappy who are the ones so used to the usual tough easy way. But what irritates is oh-I-told-you-not-to, look-where-you are-now stares.

What I am trying to say is though you protest for good cause you don’t get much support from your friends, from people who share your same feelings, Why? An immediate reaction of a colleague was "It has been like this for the past 2 years. Why do you want it to change? Yeah right, it's for good. But I was ok with what was happening before. Though it was uncomfortable, it was silently accepted as a routine. But see where it had led you. Surely, most of us are not happy about it. This is why I dint want to join hands with you. I don’t want to spoil my relationship at any cost. "

To you and to others like you, I can only say "Stay away from me…I don’t wanna be nice to everyone and do things without my heart in them. It's better to be "alone" alone than being "alone" even if others are around."

Sometimes, you cannot be nice to everyone :-) Just let them go.

You wouldn’t let them go, if they are worthy.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


picture of moon - yet to be loaded

One part of me sees you as a wonderful creation of nature. The other part always presumes that you are nothing but an opening (a gap in the sky) which when reached would tear me off, take me away from the worldly complications and bestow eternal bliss. Either way I never get tired of watching you!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lovely Lady!!!

I got so inspired by the very thought that I could draw that I couldn’t stop myself with one.. :-)

Here is my next piece….

The shading hasn’t come out very well.. so are the girl’s features… Never mind… :-P

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cute Little Girl

Having masterted in her writing and reading skills, Nivi ventured into art... lol...

I always wanted to draw... And somehow I did it today... Its not a gr8 piece of work, but I just loved it... Check it out...

Cute Little Girl

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

His Sleeping Beauty...

It was one of their terrible nights. He had had a dreadful day at work and now she made it all the more awful. He knew very well that there is no point in trying to coax her. No one can make peace with her unless she herself decides to. He also knew that he cannot stop arguing as his silence would drive the hell out of her. She was ‘the best’ at throwing words. She never realized what she said. Though he was all she had, she never hesitated to shout at him. After an hour of fierce argument (argument in which she was the only person talking most of the time), she subsided silently on a couch. Her silence was all the more frightening. He wanted to caress her. But any wrong move could make her snap at him again. He waited.

After few minutes, she stood, gave one hard if-only-looks-could-kill look at him and went upstairs. He switched on his ipod and tried to ease himself out but he dozed off.

It was still dark when he woke up. He went upstairs to check on her. She was sleeping soundly. One look at her sleeping face made him smile. It was this sleeping face which had driven him crazy. 3 years before, he had seen her in a train journey. He had missed the train, drove like a maniac all the way to next station and somehow got into it. She was his co-passenger. She was asleep when he had boarded. He couldn’t take his eyes off the sleeping beauty. That was just a small never-after encounter as he couldn’t even talk to her;He had got down before she even woke up. . Call it fate or luck, after 5 months of their encounter, they got married. It was a perfectly arranged marriage to which he totally agreed when he found out that she was the bride. There had been many misunderstanding and fights but their love for each other kept them up.

The memories faded away as he stood watching at her. He loved her and there was no doubt. He sat next to her sleeping form and watched her. He bent down and kissed her on her cheeks and whispered “I love you”. She smiled in her sleep and turned to the other side. He looked at her bare hands for sometime, then got up and went down.

She woke up late and knew that he was not at home. She hadn’t made him breakfast nor had she kissed him goodbye, but he had gone. She was not angry anymore, but depressed. She wanted to see him. She had outrageously shouted at him but did not intend to insult him. “Words once let out, can never be taken back”. She cried silently and then got out of the bed. She headed to wash her face, and that’s when she saw. Her three fingers in the left hand were polished neatly with a pink nail polish. She let out a gasp and laughed out aloud thinking of how much he would have struggled to do it when she was asleep. “Love you” she said aloud.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am tagging --- You

Tagging is fun unless you run out of blogger-friends. :-(

“Girl of Destiny” tagged me along with every other blogger I know.

But I don’t want this game to end with me, so if You happen to visit my page and if You aren’t tagged by anyone else, and if You find this game irresistible (lol ...), here You go….

I am tagging - You !!!

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All you're needed to do is to add your name to the end of the list.

The rules are that
-You shouldn't use any colors
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yours lovingly..

If today were your last day on earth, would you be doing what you are doing right now?

- A question that Steve Jobs asked himself. When you put that question to me, my answer would be jus like Steve’s which is “No”.

Forget answering the question, I wouldn’t even think something like that, in the first place. If we go around thinking that each day may be our last day, then life would be hell. If at all, I get to know that today is my last day, I wouldn’t be doing anything, I wouldn’t feel like doing anything... (Though I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing right now, though there would be so much I would want to do, right now….)

A man can never be never-dying and that is an undying fact. Yeah..., we accept that there is no assurance for our life and at the max our life can only be insured. We make sure that the close ones do not get affected much by our loss, economically if not emotionally. Is that the least we can do?

No, some prodigious people go to an extent of making sure that their loved ones are not affected even emotionally. “If I am not there, she/he should still feel loved / taken care of” And to make that statement practical lots of things get done when one is still alive.

The other day, I was reading a review on P.S. I love you… It’s about a happily married couple. When a movie starts with that kinda storyline, you can always expect what happens next. Yeah, right… here the husband dies of brain tumor. The actual plot of the movie is that the husband makes sure that his wife gets a box full of letters after his death; Letters that direct her to perform some deeds that would help her have a better life.

Hmmmm...Didn’t I see this before? Kuch Kuch Hota hai is one such movie. The wife through her daughter’s efforts (the daughter receives letters of her dead mother, on every birthday) make sure that her hubby gets married to his friend…

It’s not just about movies. I also remember reading an article, in which the hubby, makes sure that his wife gets a rose every Friday even after his death. It’s just a rose, but think of how it would be to the wife, when he is no more.

What is driving all these people? It’s just one word… Love!!! Knowing that you are in your last days is itself painful….Knowing that you cannot be with the person you love is even more painful. But overcoming, all these emotions they have achieved what they desired to.

The answer to Steve's question would have been "yes" from these people.

"Though love cannot prevent death from happening, its just love that prevails... "

It’s always better to leave than to be left...

First it was my team mate, and then it was my close friend,
Before I could even decide to go ahead,
People around me are already out of sight…

It was once a crowded wonderland,
With brisk batches of wishful thinkers
Now, its jus me and a handful of others...

The over-crowded tables in canteen...
The deafening laughter from the pantry
The regular visits to beach & theaters
The frequent treats and get-together...
It was amazing days of our lives

Yeah right….I can hear you saying..
“Nothing lasts forever!!!”
But it is always better to leave than to be left out :-)

P.S. The author is having one of her bad days.. You will not be seeing these kinda posts again!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its just my opinion ...

I was flipping between my friends’ profiles in “The Scrap Book”. Some of them had uploaded photos and videos… I was really amused to see some pictures portraying identifiable-friend-of mine in front of a silhouette of a well known building/ place or next to a statue or for that matter anything-absolutely-foreign with a comment that goes like “me in … place / me near …. / me standing next to…. / me holding … “ . Some of them had uploaded photos showing their different moods like “Me drained out… / See how happy I am” and some even went to an extent of “Me wearing … which was gifted by my brother” and what not….

Why don’t they jus realize that it’s a public gallery...? What are those pictures gonna imply to someone who may be a total stranger? You may say that it’s just a matter of few pictures but don’t you think that it’s totally unnecessary? I personally feel that those are to be shared only with a group of close friends and not with everyone who passes-by.

On the lighter side, there were few pictures that totally surprised me... One of my friends had displayed pictures, I should rather say, artistic pictures... pictures that depict her photographic skills... capturing moments of happiness. …capturing even very minute gestures…clicking at articles that we would think are-of-no-importance… the captions of those photos were all the more interesting…. And again it’s just my opinion…

Well.. What do we have here? jus opinions, impressions.. somethin may look great to someone but not to everyone...

I remember reading a quote sometime back, somewhere…. And it suits well here … “Every man is a fool in some man's opinion”. :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fear !!!

We were about five kilometers from land. I was excited when I stepped into the boat. But the high tide gulped my excitement and there was only fear in the air... fear in the air around me… While my co-riders were having fun, I started to feel sea-sick…

The boat stopped and within seconds, few dived into the sea... The life guard assisted my friend in tightening her life-jacket… and then pushed her out of boat…. I saw her struggling for few minutes and then she started to float….
“Madam go.”
“Hullo... What? Where am I supposed to go? There? No way...”
“Hey come-on... Its fun….” yelled my friend… The man in the boat forced me again “Go on madam… “

I tried to jump into the sea, but I could hardly put my legs out of the boat… And then I fell... Someone from behind pushed me; for the next few seconds, I did not know what was happening… I fell flat into the sea. I had drunk lot of sea water, until the life-guard turned me up. I opened my eyes and realized that I was floating… I saw the sky; it comforted me. I was still alive… Then I saw the boat which was just few meters away from where I was. All disturbing thoughts came into my mind... “What if my life jacket loosens…? I don’t even know how to swim… I am 40 feet above sea level… the guy told something about jelly fish… jelly fishes are dangerous, aren’t they? I don’t think there will be sharks here, its jus few kilometers from shore... the tide is pushing me far away from the boat, how will they pull me back… where are the others… uh huh, sea stinks… never will I do this again…” And after few more dreadful minutes, I was pulled into the boat by the life guard. I smiled and said” Did you see that? I was floating…” :-)

Though nothing wrong happened, I feared. …It was a fear of unknown “It s not what will happen; it’s just the fear of what will happen… “

The other day, we stayed in a tree-house. The tree house was my-dream-come-true. The wooden steps... the tree-trunk table… The bamboo partitions... the hammock... the place looked wonderful to me until I saw a snail in the closet. “I am not gonna sleep here… You will not know what will fall from the roof… I already spotted snails and worms… Let’s go to back to the cottage… This tree-house looks so forbidden… Even if we shout for help, we will not be answered…” Though my friend comforted me, I had a restless night. But I was fine the next day. As I said, it’s just the fear of what will happen, again…

hmmmm... May be it’s this “fear” that is making these kinda adventures all the more adventurous. :-)

Check out

Loved my friend's recent kavidhai...

Linking it here!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hurt for naught !!!

"3550 steps... 9 kms.. Then you are there" pointed out my cousin. My aunt beamed at him proudly and then turned towards me and said “he has changed a lot right? Look at him… the boarding school has infact refined him... he is also looking healthy these days…” I nodded and went ahead. I was only at 1450th step and it’s all I can stand at that moment. Exhausted, I sat on the step and stretched my legs. My aunt and her two sons, my brother were all way ahead. I looked down in search of others. My uncle was nearing me. My mom was far behind. It looked like she was gasping. My dad was climbing next to her. I felt that it was totally ridiculous... “Why should we strain so much…all for what in return? “ Save my aunt and mom, there were people who were kneeling down at each step, lighting camphor while chanting God’s names.

It all started because of my aunt. We were on our way to a temple which was somewhere on the summit of seven mountains. I was really sure if it’s on top of a mountain or in between seven mountains. All I knew was that we gotta climb for nearly 5 hours to reach there. My aunt and mom insisted that we walk all the way up. We had to walk all the way up to participate in a holy ritual which was believed to do good to the onlookers. I was not at all fascinated but I was not given a choice.

Grumbling and panting, I walked along with others who were all charmed by the idea. Though I whined all the way up, I should say that the walk up the mountains, through the woods was not that bad. (Well, it was not exactly a forest, there were lotsa trees around and we could spot/feed few deers. :-))

Having had an indefensible but somewhat satisfying (cos of the climate, trees and deers) trekking experience, we went to attend the ritual for which we had to spend a good deal. The ritual was all the more unreasonable. I was told that every hindu girl should see the ritual for it was believed that she would get a good married life. The ritual proceeded with an aged saint (I am not really sure if he is one... he was looking lik that) chanting mantras in front of three deity status. The ritual was nothing but marriage ceremony. The shocking part of the ritual was that the marriage was between the three statues symbolizing a guy marrying two girls at the same time. “Yeah right, And I was watching that to get a good married life”. I had to keep my mouth shut for that look of my mom and aunt (ardent believers). I felt like a civilized idiot. But looking around I pacified myself with just one thought “I am not the only one”…

Later found out that there were 10,352 on-lookers including me. Lol!!