Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Few tests to understand wher you stand...

Took up few Personality Tests. Its indeed fun.. Thanks to you mat :)

How Independent are you?

What Temperment are you?

The final test that I took is Are you ready to be a wife quiz. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

I was tagged!!!

I was tagged by
Mat. This is a game for bloggers. I am supposed to write 8 facts about me and then tag my blogger friends who will write facts about them and then pass on to their friends... Sounds interesting… So here I go...

1. I am a software engineer and I am totally not happy being one.
2. I am stubborn.
3. I like to do things in my own way though I end up messing them.
4. I am crazy about chocolates but I don’t eat them as much as I like.
5. I like to read people.
6. I love being with my friends.
7. I am very demanding.
8. I wanted to become a doctor, then a scientist, then a psychiatrist but ended up being an engineer.
9. I get depressed often
10. I enjoy being pampered.

i am suppossed to write only 8... y only 8? 10 is better.. ;-)
As per the game, I am gonna tag .. BALA, u r next!!! :-)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The familiar curve!!!

It was snowing outside.
He stood in the corridor of his hotel room relishing the sight.

He was seeing snow for the first time in his life.

The pathway, the cars, the trees were all snow-clad.

It was freezing cold.

He felt like taking a walk around.

He took few steps, slowly basking the nature’s beautiful change.
Everything around reminded him of her.

He is 10,000 miles away from her but still he knew that she was there for him.
He took few steps further and saw his car.

He stood there for sometime and then drew a familiar curve on the snow coated glass of his car saying “I miss you”. He looked up and saw that a foreigner was watching his masterpiece. They both smiled at each other…!!!!