Tuesday, February 26, 2008

His Sleeping Beauty...

It was one of their terrible nights. He had had a dreadful day at work and now she made it all the more awful. He knew very well that there is no point in trying to coax her. No one can make peace with her unless she herself decides to. He also knew that he cannot stop arguing as his silence would drive the hell out of her. She was ‘the best’ at throwing words. She never realized what she said. Though he was all she had, she never hesitated to shout at him. After an hour of fierce argument (argument in which she was the only person talking most of the time), she subsided silently on a couch. Her silence was all the more frightening. He wanted to caress her. But any wrong move could make her snap at him again. He waited.

After few minutes, she stood, gave one hard if-only-looks-could-kill look at him and went upstairs. He switched on his ipod and tried to ease himself out but he dozed off.

It was still dark when he woke up. He went upstairs to check on her. She was sleeping soundly. One look at her sleeping face made him smile. It was this sleeping face which had driven him crazy. 3 years before, he had seen her in a train journey. He had missed the train, drove like a maniac all the way to next station and somehow got into it. She was his co-passenger. She was asleep when he had boarded. He couldn’t take his eyes off the sleeping beauty. That was just a small never-after encounter as he couldn’t even talk to her;He had got down before she even woke up. . Call it fate or luck, after 5 months of their encounter, they got married. It was a perfectly arranged marriage to which he totally agreed when he found out that she was the bride. There had been many misunderstanding and fights but their love for each other kept them up.

The memories faded away as he stood watching at her. He loved her and there was no doubt. He sat next to her sleeping form and watched her. He bent down and kissed her on her cheeks and whispered “I love you”. She smiled in her sleep and turned to the other side. He looked at her bare hands for sometime, then got up and went down.

She woke up late and knew that he was not at home. She hadn’t made him breakfast nor had she kissed him goodbye, but he had gone. She was not angry anymore, but depressed. She wanted to see him. She had outrageously shouted at him but did not intend to insult him. “Words once let out, can never be taken back”. She cried silently and then got out of the bed. She headed to wash her face, and that’s when she saw. Her three fingers in the left hand were polished neatly with a pink nail polish. She let out a gasp and laughed out aloud thinking of how much he would have struggled to do it when she was asleep. “Love you” she said aloud.


  1. Love Prevails...
    Our Blogs keep proving it again and again !
    Never expected such a masterpiece from u NIVI...

    Keep it up..Im impressed with ur pink nail polish and that too on three fingers ! Mind blowing !

  2. hey .. thats a good one d..
    its true that how much you fight and shout ..
    at last the love only lasts and the rest fades...

    pink shade of her nail polish may fade not the red of her love :-)))
    ithu eppadi irukku ..

    neetyum seekiram oru story writer ayiduva pola irukkey.. :-))

  3. oh man... how do these things even occur to you?? awesome mushy stuff!

    pink polish in three nails?? what does that signify?? why only three??

    this 'he' must be the perfect guy we're dreaming about! ;-)

    //He looked at her bare hands for sometime, then got up and went down.//
    lines with hidden meaning... cool!!

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  5. thanks Bala

    Sona, thanks.. But ne pottiye oru mokka.. ha ha.. epdi ipdillam :)

    Mat, as I told u, its jus a bit of truth with lot of masala.. ;)

    he was able to polish only three.. before he could apply on the fourth, she moved and he dint wanna wake her up.. ha ha

  6. hey nivi kalakra... cool post.. kadasila parala nee kudutha effectla, avan vitu poitanonu naan guess pani, tension aagi, nail polishla dhan sirichen...

    Wish u (mat and niv) to get such a dream guy(one for each) for ur lifetime!!

  7. Tamil, :) one for each a? edhuku waste a.. vendam.. onne podhum :-P

  8. nivi... grrr!!!!

    do you really wanna add your share to the stories already circulating?? bear in mind that our colective futures will be in jeopardy!!!!

  9. hahahaa.. சபாஷ் சரியான போட்டி!

    Hey what is that circulating story?

  10. Great writing! Love that surprise ending!

  11. Nice story.. man!! a hidden writer n artist in u.. i never knew this in college nivi.. where were they???