Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fear !!!

We were about five kilometers from land. I was excited when I stepped into the boat. But the high tide gulped my excitement and there was only fear in the air... fear in the air around me… While my co-riders were having fun, I started to feel sea-sick…

The boat stopped and within seconds, few dived into the sea... The life guard assisted my friend in tightening her life-jacket… and then pushed her out of boat…. I saw her struggling for few minutes and then she started to float….
“Madam go.”
“Hullo... What? Where am I supposed to go? There? No way...”
“Hey come-on... Its fun….” yelled my friend… The man in the boat forced me again “Go on madam… “

I tried to jump into the sea, but I could hardly put my legs out of the boat… And then I fell... Someone from behind pushed me; for the next few seconds, I did not know what was happening… I fell flat into the sea. I had drunk lot of sea water, until the life-guard turned me up. I opened my eyes and realized that I was floating… I saw the sky; it comforted me. I was still alive… Then I saw the boat which was just few meters away from where I was. All disturbing thoughts came into my mind... “What if my life jacket loosens…? I don’t even know how to swim… I am 40 feet above sea level… the guy told something about jelly fish… jelly fishes are dangerous, aren’t they? I don’t think there will be sharks here, its jus few kilometers from shore... the tide is pushing me far away from the boat, how will they pull me back… where are the others… uh huh, sea stinks… never will I do this again…” And after few more dreadful minutes, I was pulled into the boat by the life guard. I smiled and said” Did you see that? I was floating…” :-)

Though nothing wrong happened, I feared. …It was a fear of unknown “It s not what will happen; it’s just the fear of what will happen… “

The other day, we stayed in a tree-house. The tree house was my-dream-come-true. The wooden steps... the tree-trunk table… The bamboo partitions... the hammock... the place looked wonderful to me until I saw a snail in the closet. “I am not gonna sleep here… You will not know what will fall from the roof… I already spotted snails and worms… Let’s go to back to the cottage… This tree-house looks so forbidden… Even if we shout for help, we will not be answered…” Though my friend comforted me, I had a restless night. But I was fine the next day. As I said, it’s just the fear of what will happen, again…

hmmmm... May be it’s this “fear” that is making these kinda adventures all the more adventurous. :-)


  1. fun. (in a way)
    you're right.. it's the fear that keeps the thrill alive!

  2. Hey NIVs,

    1derful presentation.. Its the strong feeling of wanting to overcome fear makes it all the more adventurous. And increases the feel gud factor within.. But fear as it is will only makes one miss the fun....
    When i try any adventures I only think one thing. 100's did this earlier but no one died.. And I know I willnot be the First Lucky ... Funny na...he he . Keep going

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  4. Happy moments are to be cherished.
    Fearful moments need to be refreshed. Experimented again!

  5. yabaa... if i put me there, ayo its dreadful. your post makes me feel like seeing a film rather than reading a post de...

  6. thank ya al...

    Tamil, edhuku ivlo build up? movie maadhriya iruku? lol :-)