Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its just my opinion ...

I was flipping between my friends’ profiles in “The Scrap Book”. Some of them had uploaded photos and videos… I was really amused to see some pictures portraying identifiable-friend-of mine in front of a silhouette of a well known building/ place or next to a statue or for that matter anything-absolutely-foreign with a comment that goes like “me in … place / me near …. / me standing next to…. / me holding … “ . Some of them had uploaded photos showing their different moods like “Me drained out… / See how happy I am” and some even went to an extent of “Me wearing … which was gifted by my brother” and what not….

Why don’t they jus realize that it’s a public gallery...? What are those pictures gonna imply to someone who may be a total stranger? You may say that it’s just a matter of few pictures but don’t you think that it’s totally unnecessary? I personally feel that those are to be shared only with a group of close friends and not with everyone who passes-by.

On the lighter side, there were few pictures that totally surprised me... One of my friends had displayed pictures, I should rather say, artistic pictures... pictures that depict her photographic skills... capturing moments of happiness. …capturing even very minute gestures…clicking at articles that we would think are-of-no-importance… the captions of those photos were all the more interesting…. And again it’s just my opinion…

Well.. What do we have here? jus opinions, impressions.. somethin may look great to someone but not to everyone...

I remember reading a quote sometime back, somewhere…. And it suits well here … “Every man is a fool in some man's opinion”. :-)


  1. The quote suits to a T! Agree with you on people who flaunt their
    personal lives for all the world to see!
    The worst are those who have inane captions for their pix.."Me with flowers", "Me with friends". Gimme a break. Can't they credit us with even a meagre intelligence??

    Hey who's that girl? Send me her profile.. those pix sound interesting!

  2. Sharing is good.. but we need to have a check point somewhere to see that 'PERSONAL' doesnt lose its charm !

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  4. that quote at the end is really true.... And yes, you liked some fotos, and u din like some, its just the deviation of her thoughts from that of yours... its just this deviation, tht makes some as friends, and some to be kept at a distance..

    unaku ellathukum kobam vandhrum