Monday, May 05, 2008

Let go…

Here you go. I have got another post to write to, under the same topic. I have a friend with whom friendly relationship doesn’t work out a bit; confusing? Well…How much ever we try to fix, mend, stitch or stretch our relationship, it doesn’t work out and I can't satisfy myself with one particular reason.

This reminds me of mathi's post (
A bird in hand). My situation is something like hers.

Whatever be it, when something doesn’t work out even after you struggle hard to make it work out, you can only give it away.

But how easy is it to let it free or give it away? I wouldn’t have been writing about it if it was easier. :-(


  1. Not easy, never easy, not the first time, not the tenth time.

  2. But dont you think its part of life????? and there's a kick in doing so for the loved ones even it doesnt work... ( this also includes SAP .. never a day goes without tickects :)) keep mending they keep breaking

  3. :) enachu? yaarandha friend? i m readin ur posts after a long time.. i thought u r not writing nowadays...