Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It s the gal's world out ther. Is it???

Thats what everybody say these days... " Its the gal's world out there" . But is that correct? If u ask me,i will say "Noooooo!!!!! Its not!!!!!!!!!".

Let me tell you about an incident and you will realize why i deny this statement " It s the gal's world" .I was talking to my friend yesterday. I was telling him that, i am planning to do something worthwhile for the future, something that will recognise me in my professional life. He just told me point blank, " Why try, anyway you will be occupied by marriage, kids in one or two years and then quit. You have wasted a guy's life. A girl at work earns only for herself. But a guy at work earns for his family. You girls do nothing in office except giggle, gossip and go to wash room every ten min for makeup or whatever". Look at the attitute, I was shocked when he said that. I do accept that we giggle, gossip and use wash room now and then, comeon, as though you guys never do.Moreover, when we are in our seats, we work and not day-dream (guys generally do- a scientific proof). And if a guy needs my job so badly to support his family why cant he just out-wit me and grab it when he was interviewed. Ok Ok, I am not going into that girl-guy-who-is-great concept now. I am just trying to point out the male chauvinism. Yes, its true that girls nowadays are equal to men, infact better than men, but unless the dominant guys vanish off, girls can never rule the world,why go for ruling???, they can not even live peacefully in the world.

But dont go and cry out "girls nowadays....." and " girls rule....." dialogues...., you heartless freaks!!!!!!!!

( P.S.I am not trying to offend those who respect us, they do have hearts :-) )