Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Funny Fantasy

We all have aspirations in life.Now dont think that I am talkin about ur career ambition and stuff. Small, petty things may feel wonderful to you and you may want to do it.I too have many cherished desires - to ride a bike, to drive long distance with my dad sitting next to me and beaming proudly, to get drenched in rain, to sleep for some more time when i am already late to office, to play basket ball and to make the ball reach the basket atleast once, to learn how to swim, to watch rain and eat hot samosas, to run fast when there is noone else around, to stay alone and be independent, to eat whatever i feel like eating no matter what time it is, and the list goes on.

I recently made one of my aspirations come true. I rode a bike. Wow i did it.Amazing feeling!!!.

It always feels great when u accomplish something. You may ask me " Is riding a bike,an accomplishment? Yes, it is cos i had a feeling that bikes are only for guys.I have overcome that idea now.

I have learnt that thoughts take greatest and least leaps.
LOL ... :-) No matter how kiddish your thought is, dont feel bad about it, some day unknowingly you will accomplish it and you will feel great at that time.