Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why am I talking like that?

Couple of days ago I took a session for my team members on the application I have been working on for months. I was so comfortable in that application and that made me confident. Every time I take sessions, I wanted it to be the best. I prepare my presentations slides taking more effort and time and finally when I am done it puts a smile on my face... a satisfied smile. So that is how I prepared even for this session. As expected the session went well. I was so convinced that I presented the application with the best of my knowledge to the team. All said and done, I was curious to listen to the recordings of the session. I did hear and that totally freaked me out. What I expected to hear was a confident voice (cos that’s how I think my voice is) and what I heard was a nervous child-like voice. And that’s when I wondered how the team listened to it for such a long time:(. When asked to the team, they said “we dint feel the difference. That’s how you usually talk. Very childish” That baffled me!!!

Why does your own voice sound different from the way others hear it?

Google gives lot of answers for that. Biologically, when you talk, it is your head that changes the sound and makes you hear a deeper voice than other people do.

Others only detect the part of your voice that is transmitted through the air. However, your skull and flesh conduct sound as well, so it’s you who will hear a combination of the airborne sound, and the sound that travels directly through your head to your ears.

But that doesn’t convince me!!! It should sound as you expected in either ways right? How come there are many people who call themselves great singers? Are they over-confident? Do they really like their voice from inside and outside?

The next time I take sessions, it would make me conscious and that would make me not so confident!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I would call it - Showers of Joy!!!

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening “was all I could see on my monitor. It was also all I could think at that time when a message popped up on my screen. The message was from Mat asking if I would care to have an ice cream now. “Why not? But let’s have it in beach”. I replied. “Let’s start immediately otherwise we would end up going home late” came back another popup. After ten min we were on our way to beach. We were well aware that it was the peak time and we would reach the beach only after an hour’s ride but would that bother us?

Just before we could cross the first signal, it started to rain.

Mat: “Nivi, if it’s difficult for you to ride lets stop. I don’t mind getting drenched”.

Me: I don’t mind getting drenched either but I have never ridden a bike in rain. Let’s try it out.

Before we could cover another kilometer, the rain poured so much that I could hardly see the road ahead. We both were completely drenched. The rain drops were so big and the speed with which it fell pricked my bare hands.

Me: Hey I don’t think we can go to beach in this way. Look at the traffic. The road is also slippery. Shall we go back? Or we can even stand here and enjoy the rain for some more time and then go home.

Mat: Let’s not go to beach but lets go on a ride. Riding is fun in rain.

So we set out on our little adventure. We rode for an hour or so in the rain. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to enjoy the showers of joy, we rode very very slowly. Thunder and lightening made the ride all the more adventurous. We rode through highways, streets without street-lights, subway half-submerged in the rain water. The rain took away our exhaustion, killed our boredom. It gave us immense confidence, filling us up with new energy, making us to giggle, laugh, smile, tease and enjoy. As though this was not enough, we pampered ourselves with fast food on a road side bakery shop. With damp cotton chudidhar sticking to the body, dripping wet hair, numb fingers, we were munching hot puffs, enjoying the last few drops of the departing rain and yapping about guys, life and marriage…. Wow… That was one fun filled night!!!

-----------------------------------------------12th July 2007 (Thursday 7:00pm to 9:00pm)