Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It’s always better to leave than to be left...

First it was my team mate, and then it was my close friend,
Before I could even decide to go ahead,
People around me are already out of sight…

It was once a crowded wonderland,
With brisk batches of wishful thinkers
Now, its jus me and a handful of others...

The over-crowded tables in canteen...
The deafening laughter from the pantry
The regular visits to beach & theaters
The frequent treats and get-together...
It was amazing days of our lives

Yeah right….I can hear you saying..
“Nothing lasts forever!!!”
But it is always better to leave than to be left out :-)

P.S. The author is having one of her bad days.. You will not be seeing these kinda posts again!!!


  1. I totally agree..It's always better to leave than to be left out !

    Note: wont u ever leave this word verification ?????

  2. it is bad days that bring out the best in all the authors!
    you have to be affected in some way to write soul stirring stuff.
    this poem brought some lovely memories back...
    what a profound truth you have said with the title! i have experienced both sides and yes, it's always better.

  3. Come on Nivs.... nothing like dat.. Its all part of the game and one has to feel everything.. Its not what life gives you, but what u do with what life has given to you to face is important..

    Wish u will make the best use of wat life gave u now....

  4. //But it is always better to leave than to be left out :-)//


  5. adi paavi ..
    "I am Left OUT d" tears tears