Monday, May 05, 2008

Let go…

Talk of Protests; you will see lots of heads turning towards you, with indications, advices, recommendations and warnings... But when you actually protest, all you hear is a big snort and lohhh, you are left alone. You console yourself with a oh-you-scared-little-witches and walk ahead with a determination to express your dissent. Somehow with all your effort and few considerate individuals' help, your voice is heard and you get what you had asked for. You feel happy about your deed as you are sure that it benefits not only you but a whole lot. Ofcourse it would have left some unhappy who are the ones so used to the usual tough easy way. But what irritates is oh-I-told-you-not-to, look-where-you are-now stares.

What I am trying to say is though you protest for good cause you don’t get much support from your friends, from people who share your same feelings, Why? An immediate reaction of a colleague was "It has been like this for the past 2 years. Why do you want it to change? Yeah right, it's for good. But I was ok with what was happening before. Though it was uncomfortable, it was silently accepted as a routine. But see where it had led you. Surely, most of us are not happy about it. This is why I dint want to join hands with you. I don’t want to spoil my relationship at any cost. "

To you and to others like you, I can only say "Stay away from me…I don’t wanna be nice to everyone and do things without my heart in them. It's better to be "alone" alone than being "alone" even if others are around."

Sometimes, you cannot be nice to everyone :-) Just let them go.

You wouldn’t let them go, if they are worthy.

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  1. :(

    don worry.. life teaches some best lessons this way.. i know u cant accept when others say something which looks good when seen from outside, but our heart trembles to live so..

    When we hv decided to live for our peace of mind, we can find only a few standin next to us, who too think the same way.. and these kinda of persons are really very few at this age..

    (naan mokka poda try panla de.. edho solla try panren, sonenanu therila)