Monday, May 05, 2008

Child's game!!

'What comes to your mind first, when you think of me' he asked.

And I said, 'resident evil!!!'

Lol :-) The person who questioned me was my brother. Ofcourse, he dint ask me in a gentle or sweet way like it may have sounded to you.

Actually, we were arguing as usual for TV remote. All I wanted to see was "Lizzy Mcguire" and gosh, these cricket matches. Don’t stare at me. Come on, it's reasonable for one person like me per locality to hate cricket. In the heated argument he said, "enna pathi enna nenacha ne? mudhala, adha sollu" (what do you think of me, first, tell me) .. To any person in normal sense, other than my brother (who was blurting angrily) it would look funny...It did amuse me but in a different way as my mind was jumbling words in the question to 'What comes to your mind first, when you think of me' to which when I gave that answer. He not only grabbed the remote from me but also stamped hard on my toe :-(

For few minutes I have been applying that question to many things and here are my thoughts:

What are the first five things that come to your mind, when you think of

Bajji / Sundal
My salty sticky-face
Manvasanai (smell of wet sand)
croaking frogs
Hot samosa
warm bed/blanket
Dairy Milk
Andhra Mess
Chicken Biryani
Double Cheese Pizza

best friend
Fun & Laughter
Is it Friday?
Empty official mail box (am talkin about the client id)
Overflowing officially unofficial mail box with forwards and chain mails
Wash room, comb, compact, lip care
New Beach
Chennai-ites slang
Summer / Heat
Kathipara signal

kabaleeshwarar temple

Doesn’t it tune you to write too, about what all comes to your mind when you think of your favourite places, food, friends? Let's take it further. If you are interested, get yourself tagged and write what are the 5 things that come to your mind when you think of ----

Some simple thoughts and pleasures may make smiling for an entire day. After all, happiness is what we all seek for.


  1. Nivi: It is fun to see that though some of the things that came to Your mind are unfamiliar to me (samosa, biryani, kathipara, etc), other things are pleasant joys the world over, such as double cheese pizza, riinbows and a warm bed.

    And is Manvasanai a place name or does Hindi actually have a word for the smell of wet sand?

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  3. :-) LoL!!! nalla kaal valikatum...

    When i think of u, the first thing that comes to my mind is "your Darling, your most loving girl friend ;-))))) " and you saying "very funny, hahhaa"

  4. I agree.. things i remember when i think of u
    1. 'very funny'..ha ha ha
    2. 'hey loosy'
    3. Long n shining hair
    4. beautiful handwriting
    5. padips..