Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Infectious Infyteens !!!

This blog is the result of me being left alone without TV to care for…. :(

With my restless and undetermined nature I was totally put down cos of the heavy rain in nothing-is-predictable chennai. Thunder and lightening topped up with the slashing rain and as if nothing best can happen, my TV smoked out. Only in these situations will the human brain realize the value of time. My brain thus realized the value of quality time that I planned to spend with myself.

Why don’t I try to meditate? Listen to nature? Identify myself? Realize my true being? Lol! Nothing worked out and so I settled down to read my autograph book (dated April 2005).

So many friends pointed out the many-o-many good things in me… yes, I know what you are thinking. I am being self-centric :) ok.... Jokes apart, and let me come to point. What I found interesting in these scribbling is that they all talked about one point in common- We 4!!!

To quote a few:

Arch : You have an instantaneous and infectious smile (well all of your gang has it.. I dunno how!!)

Brindha: I felt jealous about one thing and that is your friendship. You have been maintaining the friendship with no misunderstanding for the past 4 years.

Ganesh: you four are like “naanga naalu per, engaluku bayame illai”

Reading all those words gave me an idea of writing about us. We are not great enough to talk about ourselves but if not us who else will? :)

Naanga naalu per : Me, Jan, Naru and Divi

Jan: Typical Arian-Confident, daring and intelligent. The girl I can turn to anytime I need help in accepting life.

Naru: Cuteeeee of the gang-Very straight-forward, not one percent the girly-girly type, very responsible. She is the sweetest girl of the gang.

Divi: Confident, loves attention, hardworking. Divi, the girl who makes anyone comfortable.

We 4!

I met the sweet girl (naru) of our gang on the first day of my college. She was my bench mate from then on. We two were not into the enjoying-girls gang; we were rather studious sitting in the front row answering all silly questions put forth by the professors. What happened then?? A tall girl (jan) from Hyderabad walked in to our life. She infected us. She changed the goody-goody girls to the last-min-prep girls. That is when we started going out. The last girl (divi) got added up to the gang after sometime and thus formed THE FOUR gang. We usually sit in one corner of the class, teasing and bugging professors. We had a world of our own and we were happy enjoying the life of it. Fun, Music, Movies, hang outs and what not?? I sure miss that touch of colors now. Life has become so monotonous these days. But alas….we gotta take things as they come.

People say life is always unfair. I don’t agree, atleast some part of life is indeed colorful and lively. Hmmmm….I could feel the same josh with my friends even now. If only I could go to that dreadful college and redo my engineering with my same old friends. Sheesh… I have become so sentimental and mushy-mushy. Come on guys, please try to digest… :)
I will end it here… I can’t write any more…

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I love "Love Story"

Love Story
- by Erich Segal

My favourite part of the book :)....

>It was about a month later, right after dinner. She was still doing the cooking; she insisted on it. I had finally >persuaded her to allow me to clean up (though she gave me heat about it not being 'man's work'), and was >putting away the dishes while she played Chopin on the piano. I heard her stop in mid - Prelude, and walked >immediately into the living room. She was just sitting there.
>'Are you okay, Jen?' I asked, meaning it in a relative sense. She answered with another question.
>'Are you rich enough to pay for a taxi?' she asked.
>'Sure,' I replied.
'Where do you want to go?'
>'Like - the hospital,' she said.
>I was aware, in the swift flurry of motions that followed, that this was it. Jenny was going to walk out of our >apartment and never come back. As she just sat there while I threw a few things together for her, I wondered >what was crossing her mind. About the apartment, I mean. What would she want to look at to remember?
>Nothing. She just sat still, focusing on nothing at all.
>'Hey,' I said,
'anything special you want to take along?'
>'Uh uh.' She nodded no, then added as an afterthought, 'You.'

Quotes to quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favourite quotes... Jus thought of jotting them down along with my views....

Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make them when nobody is looking.
Nivi: This is my favourite quote... lol..I am trying to master the art of making mistakes ...

If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars
Nivi: This is damn true... like they say enjoy the day, today! worry bout tomo, tomo!

In cookies of life…friends are chocolate chips
Nivi: A sweet quote.. :)

The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in.
Nivi: A romantic, cute quote which i will never forget! ;)

Be, But don’t just exist, There is more to life Than just being another name on the list.
Be Active, Alive and Adventurous Boisterous, Brave and Bold Confident, Cool and Clear Headed Determined and Decisive Eager, Earnest and Eloquent Free-Thinking, Fresh and Fun Loving,
But, above all, BE YOU.
Nivi: Oh Man! This is absolutely perfect quote...

"If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right."
Nivi: I don get it.. how ll u b able to live each day as ur last, i can never think of doin such a thing

"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?"
Nivi: A famous question.... hmmmm, my answer s "NO!". But I dunno wat i should do to make it "YES!"

If it happens, It must be possible, so jus make things happen
Nivi: This suits me... lets make things possible.. the least we can do is think tht it will be possible

Love me for a reason and let the reason be love
Nivi: ha ha ha... nice na????

Dont feel bad... A lot of people have no talent.
Nivi: this should have been originated from a over-confident person.. but i like it!

It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.
Nivi: yep.. true.. b it maintaining ur job status or ur relationship, u gotta do everything.

You do not need to be different from who you are...You only need to be more of the person you already are!
Nivi: every tom, dick and harry is different... the more u imitate, the more u lose "the genuine U!"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The kiss!

I was standing in the middle of the crowded room. I could feel the happiness ebbing out of me. I dint know what to do as I was filled up with mixed emotions. Thats when it happened. I was traumatized for sometime.Then my realization took a major swift and thats when i understood love! his love! his longing to be loved ! I can never forget that kiss- the kiss of my life.

I accompanied my friends to an orphanage. Though the room was poorly lit, we could still feel the warmth and glow of those innocent smiles. Within minutes, the kids were all around us ready to take nothing but love. We were talking , playing and also helping out the kids. Every minute spent with them, was totally captivating. We enjoyed to the fullest. Finally when we were about to leave the place, a boy, too young to even realise how his action would affect my entire life, kissed me.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Funny Fantasy

We all have aspirations in life.Now dont think that I am talkin about ur career ambition and stuff. Small, petty things may feel wonderful to you and you may want to do it.I too have many cherished desires - to ride a bike, to drive long distance with my dad sitting next to me and beaming proudly, to get drenched in rain, to sleep for some more time when i am already late to office, to play basket ball and to make the ball reach the basket atleast once, to learn how to swim, to watch rain and eat hot samosas, to run fast when there is noone else around, to stay alone and be independent, to eat whatever i feel like eating no matter what time it is, and the list goes on.

I recently made one of my aspirations come true. I rode a bike. Wow i did it.Amazing feeling!!!.

It always feels great when u accomplish something. You may ask me " Is riding a bike,an accomplishment? Yes, it is cos i had a feeling that bikes are only for guys.I have overcome that idea now.

I have learnt that thoughts take greatest and least leaps.
LOL ... :-) No matter how kiddish your thought is, dont feel bad about it, some day unknowingly you will accomplish it and you will feel great at that time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It s the gal's world out ther. Is it???

Thats what everybody say these days... " Its the gal's world out there" . But is that correct? If u ask me,i will say "Noooooo!!!!! Its not!!!!!!!!!".

Let me tell you about an incident and you will realize why i deny this statement " It s the gal's world" .I was talking to my friend yesterday. I was telling him that, i am planning to do something worthwhile for the future, something that will recognise me in my professional life. He just told me point blank, " Why try, anyway you will be occupied by marriage, kids in one or two years and then quit. You have wasted a guy's life. A girl at work earns only for herself. But a guy at work earns for his family. You girls do nothing in office except giggle, gossip and go to wash room every ten min for makeup or whatever". Look at the attitute, I was shocked when he said that. I do accept that we giggle, gossip and use wash room now and then, comeon, as though you guys never do.Moreover, when we are in our seats, we work and not day-dream (guys generally do- a scientific proof). And if a guy needs my job so badly to support his family why cant he just out-wit me and grab it when he was interviewed. Ok Ok, I am not going into that girl-guy-who-is-great concept now. I am just trying to point out the male chauvinism. Yes, its true that girls nowadays are equal to men, infact better than men, but unless the dominant guys vanish off, girls can never rule the world,why go for ruling???, they can not even live peacefully in the world.

But dont go and cry out "girls nowadays....." and " girls rule....." dialogues...., you heartless freaks!!!!!!!!

( P.S.I am not trying to offend those who respect us, they do have hearts :-) )