Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Infectious Infyteens !!!

This blog is the result of me being left alone without TV to care for…. :(

With my restless and undetermined nature I was totally put down cos of the heavy rain in nothing-is-predictable chennai. Thunder and lightening topped up with the slashing rain and as if nothing best can happen, my TV smoked out. Only in these situations will the human brain realize the value of time. My brain thus realized the value of quality time that I planned to spend with myself.

Why don’t I try to meditate? Listen to nature? Identify myself? Realize my true being? Lol! Nothing worked out and so I settled down to read my autograph book (dated April 2005).

So many friends pointed out the many-o-many good things in me… yes, I know what you are thinking. I am being self-centric :) ok.... Jokes apart, and let me come to point. What I found interesting in these scribbling is that they all talked about one point in common- We 4!!!

To quote a few:

Arch : You have an instantaneous and infectious smile (well all of your gang has it.. I dunno how!!)

Brindha: I felt jealous about one thing and that is your friendship. You have been maintaining the friendship with no misunderstanding for the past 4 years.

Ganesh: you four are like “naanga naalu per, engaluku bayame illai”

Reading all those words gave me an idea of writing about us. We are not great enough to talk about ourselves but if not us who else will? :)

Naanga naalu per : Me, Jan, Naru and Divi

Jan: Typical Arian-Confident, daring and intelligent. The girl I can turn to anytime I need help in accepting life.

Naru: Cuteeeee of the gang-Very straight-forward, not one percent the girly-girly type, very responsible. She is the sweetest girl of the gang.

Divi: Confident, loves attention, hardworking. Divi, the girl who makes anyone comfortable.

We 4!

I met the sweet girl (naru) of our gang on the first day of my college. She was my bench mate from then on. We two were not into the enjoying-girls gang; we were rather studious sitting in the front row answering all silly questions put forth by the professors. What happened then?? A tall girl (jan) from Hyderabad walked in to our life. She infected us. She changed the goody-goody girls to the last-min-prep girls. That is when we started going out. The last girl (divi) got added up to the gang after sometime and thus formed THE FOUR gang. We usually sit in one corner of the class, teasing and bugging professors. We had a world of our own and we were happy enjoying the life of it. Fun, Music, Movies, hang outs and what not?? I sure miss that touch of colors now. Life has become so monotonous these days. But alas….we gotta take things as they come.

People say life is always unfair. I don’t agree, atleast some part of life is indeed colorful and lively. Hmmmm….I could feel the same josh with my friends even now. If only I could go to that dreadful college and redo my engineering with my same old friends. Sheesh… I have become so sentimental and mushy-mushy. Come on guys, please try to digest… :)
I will end it here… I can’t write any more…


  1. Nice write up.. Best part was that u described only three of the gang of four. That is u left out yourself. Thanks for sparing us the misery !

    LOL kidding. Keep writing. And keep us smiling.


  2. Hey that was a cute, girly, mushy, nice write up! I liked reading
    it!!! But explain the title?!?

  3. Hey Nivi!! Too gud de..
    Brought back all our college memories!!! But one thing.. How come "U", out of all 4 got this idea!! I wonder ;)

    I can hear u telling "Ha ha ha, Very Funny!!"..
    K.K. Jokes apart!

    Really, too gud! As usual, i'm impressed with your writing, but this time for a change, its not your handwriting (I always admire it though)!!!

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  6. I guess I really need to leave a comment for this blog cos it is abt "US" .I guess we are really lucky to get to know each other and it jus ticked off right from the beginning ....Now wat do I say .... this blog is so small it can't fit all our naughty deeds into it but it definitely did say the bottom line "We are friends for keeps "

  7. Im upset :-/
    Radz name doesn feature in the list :(

  8. hey thanks suku, jan, naru and bala...

    bala, she is not my college friend...:)