Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I love "Love Story"

Love Story
- by Erich Segal

My favourite part of the book :)....

>It was about a month later, right after dinner. She was still doing the cooking; she insisted on it. I had finally >persuaded her to allow me to clean up (though she gave me heat about it not being 'man's work'), and was >putting away the dishes while she played Chopin on the piano. I heard her stop in mid - Prelude, and walked >immediately into the living room. She was just sitting there.
>'Are you okay, Jen?' I asked, meaning it in a relative sense. She answered with another question.
>'Are you rich enough to pay for a taxi?' she asked.
>'Sure,' I replied.
'Where do you want to go?'
>'Like - the hospital,' she said.
>I was aware, in the swift flurry of motions that followed, that this was it. Jenny was going to walk out of our >apartment and never come back. As she just sat there while I threw a few things together for her, I wondered >what was crossing her mind. About the apartment, I mean. What would she want to look at to remember?
>Nothing. She just sat still, focusing on nothing at all.
>'Hey,' I said,
'anything special you want to take along?'
>'Uh uh.' She nodded no, then added as an afterthought, 'You.'

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