Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tame the bull…. Na…. get yourself tamed!

I was reading a book of my all-time-favorite author, Sidney Sheldon The author was trying to beautifully portray the feelings of an old man watching the game of taming the bull(yeah…Jallikattu in right sense). The old man tries to comfort his grandson who gets scared watching the ferocious bulls. He puts his arm around the boy and says "It is frightening; But wonderful, too. I once ran with the bulls. There's nothing like it. You test yourself against death, and it makes you feel like a man." These lines captivated me and at the same time troubled me with lots of unanswered questions. Why this kind of game is enjoyed the most? What is this obsessive need these people have got to depict this act as bravery? Why to show off heroism to these poor creatures? Just imagine that you were forced to drink, later hassled and harassed and then made to run for your live in the middle of thousands of ferocious creatures. What will you do? You will have no idea as to where to run, what to do to save your live. All you will try to do is to free yourself, breaking down all the barriers, knocking off all the obstacles. Are you not getting creeps imagining this? These bulls suffer similar tortures. Where are our human qualities? Why this cruelty? Putting forth these questions will get an immediate opposing answer from these maniacs. Their answers will always be, “This is an act of bravery. This is a traditional practice.” This is insane; absolutely insane. To show off bravery why not they try something else, why harm these creatures? The other day, I was watching a debate show in TV. Bingo… the topic that they took to debate is “Jallikattu”. There were about 20 people to talk for and against the topic. One old man said that he is proud for having given his son’s life for the game. He also said that it is an act of bravery and that his son had proved that he is indeed brave. There was not even a fleck of sadness on the man’s face. How cruel…..! Well I cannot tame these people, nor can you. Hope time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior.


  1. I have one point to note agree..

    "Hope time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior"

    I totally agree with u in this point.. i have stopped seeing the Debate shows aired on channels like NDTV or CNNIBN as they lead to nowhere.

    All debates end withg this note "Hope time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior"

    Cruelty, selfishness,the names and forms are different..but the impact is always bad.. People should realize it soon or else they are sure to be A

    VICTIM sooner opr later !