Sunday, September 03, 2006

The kiss!

I was standing in the middle of the crowded room. I could feel the happiness ebbing out of me. I dint know what to do as I was filled up with mixed emotions. Thats when it happened. I was traumatized for sometime.Then my realization took a major swift and thats when i understood love! his love! his longing to be loved ! I can never forget that kiss- the kiss of my life.

I accompanied my friends to an orphanage. Though the room was poorly lit, we could still feel the warmth and glow of those innocent smiles. Within minutes, the kids were all around us ready to take nothing but love. We were talking , playing and also helping out the kids. Every minute spent with them, was totally captivating. We enjoyed to the fullest. Finally when we were about to leave the place, a boy, too young to even realise how his action would affect my entire life, kissed me.


  1. Ha ha.. Super gooogly..

  2. hmmm...trying your hand with the popular 'twist' style of writing huh?
    good work..
    i like the sudden way the story ends!

    does this comment satisfy your majesty's command?

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  4. short but Chweet (kiss) !

    im sorry if any one felt that i ve copied a COMMENT..but its true..

    "i like the sudden way the story ends!"

  5. satisfied with both the comments.. ;)

  6. To love and to be loved are the most sought after pleasures.

    Even small gestures of 'caring' for another person brings lot of joy, mutual.