Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thattu kadai Kothu barotta!!!

- Kothu barotta- South Indian Dhaba’s Specialty

The very thought of rain brings joy to everyone and we were no exceptions. But where were we? … We 4 were sitting in the same-old cubicle, working ;-)…

“How would it be if we could eat hot samosas now?” One of us exclaimed and immediately I said “Standing in the rain, drenched to the skin, munching hot samosas… woooooooow... I wish we could do that”.

“Hey, leave off samosas… how about kothu barotta?” our team’s all-the-time-food-lover B excited.

“Kothu parotta? I have never tasted it” I cried out.

It’s now D’s turn to take the situation in hand “You have never tasted one?? You should!!!... It is road side stalls’ specialty… a must-have when you visit TN”

“Let’s not just keep on talking… we will go to a road-side shop near-by and buy them” … When it comes to food, B is always impatient. So within fifteen minutes, the parcels were in the cubicle.

“Where do we eat? We can’t eat them here… nor can we in the pantry... The aroma is too crowd-pulling” G was concerned.

D convinced us that Visitor’s Parking is a good hide-out. Luckily by-then, it was only drizzling outside and we laid our parcels on a bike which was near a lamp post. The dish was delicious. I was already falling in love with it…

Talking, yapping and even freaking out few passers-by, added more flavor to the dish…

Standing in the drizzle, munching hot kothu barotta, we had the time of our lives! Now who wants to think of McDonalds or pizza corners? I should say that these little pleasures amidst work have bonded us so much….


  1. "Bonded you so much" eh?? Ahem Ahem. Ain't we all too familiar with that 'bond', fevicol strong ;-)

    But hey, good write up! Makes me think of the times we had done the same thing. Just replace the Parking Lot with the huge Banyan Tree and you got us!

  2. enaku naakla .... oorudhu.